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October 29, 2013

dakshinachitraChennai Beach couple shoot Pre-wedding couple shoot at Dakshinachitra, Chennai

Chennai Couple Photography | Puja Mishra & Rohan Mishra


It was a real fun shooting with Richa Pulkit for their pre-wedding photo shoot. Their story started long back in the year 2003.. 

He proposed to her through a letter and asked "Will you travel through life with me?" ..She said.."Yes!“ and those were the truest words he ever heard..
And since then they both are more of friends.. they are really like a small gang! ;-)
Here are few of their lovely moments..captured!
When cupid strikes..  Richa-Pulkit-PhotoshootRicha-Pulkit-PhotoshootRicha-Pulkit-Photoshoot
On the dance floor..
A walk on the beach..
Richa-Pulkit-PhotoshootRicha-Pulkit-PhotoshootRicha-Pulkit-Photoshoot   Playing with some props..
Richa-Pulkit-PhotoshootRicha-Pulkit-PhotoshootRicha-Pulkit-Photoshoot   I have got the whole world in my hand :-) 
Richa-Pulkit-PhotoshootRicha-Pulkit-PhotoshootRicha-Pulkit-Photoshoot   And the ball dance..
Richa-Pulkit-PhotoshootRicha-Pulkit-PhotoshootRicha-Pulkit-Photoshoot   Dancing on the tunes of love..
Richa-Pulkit-PhotoshootRicha-Pulkit-PhotoshootRicha-Pulkit-Photoshoot   And the fun continues..
Richa-Pulkit-PhotoshootRicha-Pulkit-PhotoshootRicha-Pulkit-Photoshoot    You can also enjoy their wedding celebration story at:


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