Wedding Photography in India. Do you know it all?

January 15, 2014
How much do you know about wedding photography in India? Have you ever thought of it?
India has become a major player in the wedding industry. Indian weddings, spreading over a few days with colourful costumes and varied traditional customs, are a great opportunity for amazing imagery.
Rising costs and a slowing economy haven’t darkened the mood of wedding photographers in India.
India’s wedding market is a $30 billion industry, growing at 15 to 20 percent annually. The current global economic recession has not yet affected the wedding market.

Current Trend... We call it the "Transition" period:

Today, marriage is increasingly driven by a desire for friendship and emotional support. The reason for wanting to break from tradition usually relates to the increasing awareness, what has been seen in the media and also what has been the trend among friends and family members. A lot of brides may want to do things differently, but eventually may not. To convince parents it always helps to hold another friend or relative as an example for you wanting to buck the trend. Friends have a lot of influence on things like photography, clothes, jewellery, make-up, accessories. And sometimes food or the venue!

Why not uncle BOB- a ‘friend’ or a relative, for getting those candid wedding shots?

We understand that it's really difficult for the brides to decide whom to choose for their big day, and find someone who will fit in their budget. Often, brides make the mistake of relying on a ‘friend’ or 'a relative' for getting those candid wedding shots. While this may sound like a good idea, you have to remember that shooting a wedding requires lot of time and effort (Both before and after the wedding including the post processing work). Firstly, you’re expecting your friend to deprive him/herself of the fun during your wedding because he or she will be stuck behind the camera, and second you’re giving them a BIG responsibility of getting quality images from hours and hours of the celebration. A professional wedding photographer knows how to work in such randomly changing situation and has made the investment in skill and equipment to make sure all the wedding pictures are delivered at their best quality.

After all...It's "Your" wedding & the pictures should tell "Your" story:

So, when it comes to choosing the photography style for your big day, you might need to consider one simple fact.... It's "Your" wedding & the pictures should tell "Your" story. Is it really worth documenting each and every visitor who attended your wedding or it's your immediate family and close ones who are important?

Well, the candid photographers meet these requirements perfectly. We love to transform those wonderful moments into loving memories in a candid and beautiful way which can be cherished with the generations to come..!!. Our wedding photography style constitutes 90% of candid shots around the "Lead pair - The Bride & Groom" and 10% of the shots with your near & dear ones.

Chennai-Nalangu-wedding-gamesChennai-Nalangu-wedding-gamesIndian Wedding games

thali-mangalsutra-chennai-wedding-ceremonythali-mangalsutra-chennai-wedding-ceremonythali or mangalsutra ceremony in Chennai

Varanasi-Wedding-PhotographerVaranasi Wedding PhotographyVaranasi Wedding Photography

It's not just about your Pheras!

Most of us tend to forget that behind-the-scenes moments are as important as the wedding phera shots. Most of these moments really happen in between the main ceremonies and are full of those happy, candid and emotional pictures of you surrounded by the people closest to you. These could be pictures of you getting ready for your sangeet Or even a relaxed mehendi ceremony with your best friends and siblings.

It's always a good idea to invite your photographer to show up at your home well before you’re scheduled to leave for the venue so that you’ll get fun pictures of what was happening that day.

Haldi Ceremony at NangalHaldi Ceremony at NangalPunjabi Wedding Haldi ceremony.

Traditional Vs Photojournalistic/ candid wedding photography..

If you are a bride planning a wedding in India and looking for a wedding photographer, you have most likely run into the photography studio “in business for more than 10 years and counting..” – The traditional wedding photographers.
  • They know how to make your parents happy.
  • They will take pictures of all your guests.
  • They will also pose and photograph you in the same way they did for your previous generation.
  • They generally shoot their images on the ’standard’ JPG setting to cut costs.
  • And most importantly, they charge you less.

Traditional Photography is a random documentation of every single moment at a wedding, from the events, ceremonies and rituals to the posed group photos which document everyone who attended and congratulated the couple as well as the gifts and sagan envelopes that they handed over. The end result is usually a very large collection of photographs that simply document the events as they take place.

On the other hand, a photojournalist wedding photographer captures the emotional and special moments of your wedding without being interfering. The memories captured by a photojournalist wedding photographer are always unique and personal.
  • They capture spontaneously to emphasize moments and emotion.
  • They present the story of the day through their photographs.
  • They typically shoot images quickly using available light or on-camera flash rather than using traditional, formal posing techniques and studio lights.
  • Their goal is to be as unobtrusive as possible while capturing the reality of the event with little interference.
  • They still provide wedding group photos, often referred to as formal wedding portraits. The main difference here is that these are typically less rigid and make up only five to 10 percent of the entire coverage.
  • They seek the highest quality in their shoots prefer the RAW format. It is more costly, but it provides far better control in the post-production phase. In other words, if your photographer uses RAW, you will pay more, but you will probably get more attractive photographs.
  • They invest lots & lots on gear- High End Full Frame Cameras, Fast Lenses and Lights in order to work mostly in the available lights thereby giving a more natural and subtle look to their imagery.
The below image might be a good example to understand this difference between Photojournalistic/ candid wedding & Traditional wedding photography:
Personally, I don't have problems with any of the photography styles.. It's just they shoot in different ways and they target different groups of customers.
I feel, Traditional Wedding Photography is still important!

As different as candid wedding photography is from the traditional style, it would be wrong to say that one is more superior than the other. As Indians, we are accustomed to the "smile-cheese-click" approach. Guests love to have their images taken with the couple. Traditional wedding photographers are extremely capable in being able to get all sorts of guests together for group pictures, can manage people more intent in having a conversation to look happily towards the camera and move through a crowd making sure important family and guests are documented.

Brides and grooms generally spend a decent percentage of their wedding budget on bridal wear / groom wear and accessories but we all know that it would be short-lived if it is not captured in the right way at the right time. These may seem insignificant at present but imagine a time twenty years from now, that is when it would matter the most. I am sure, you would love to narrate some great stories and amusing incidents to your grandchildren?
Frankly, if a new stylist offered to cut your hair for less, you wouldn't take the offer...You love your hair stylist and will gladly pay for her talent because he/ she's worth every penny. At the end of the day.. ‘You get what you pay for.’ So choose your photographer wisely to make your wedding a special one!
- Rohan Mishra Photography


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