Product Photography Lighting Tips

November 28, 2014
As photographers, we always look for perfect light. Well, in my opinion there is nothing like good light or bad light as such. It’s all about the end result you want to achieve.
It can be a soft light using an umbrella or a softbox to give that studio lighting feel to the subject (Mostly used in portrait photography).
It can be a bare light source (like a bare flash) used to create that dramatic contrasty look.
Well, today I will be talking about using flashes/speed lights to achieve this dramatic contrasty look. 
Jack-Daniel's-off-camera-flash-lightingJack Daniel's Product shoot3 light setup product photography tips
If you are wondering what gears have I used to get this look, well here is the list:
  1. Camera: Nikon D800
  2. Lens: Nikon 85mm f/1.8g
  3. Nikon SB-910 Speedlights - 2 No.
  5. Yongnuo rf-603n ii radio triggers – 3 No.
  6. I have used a 3 light setup- 2 side lights and 1 back light or rim light or edge light.
We can use a similar setup for shooting bigger products like A motorbike.. well you heard it right! I shot my Royal Enfield Machismo using a similar setup. Here are some of the shots from that shoot:
You can try using different colored gels with your speedlights along with different white balance to get different lighting effects. Here is the wider angle shot to understand, how I did the lighting setup.
This type of lighting helps us to define the edges using strong highlights and deep shadows. It gives the subject an edgy look and pops it out from the background.
P.S. All flashes are in manual mode to get the desired effect.
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