Sudha & Senthil | Chennai Wedding Photography

February 09, 2014
Chennai Wedding Photography | Puja Mishra & Rohan Mishra
Sudha and Senthil were married a few days ago in Chennai. An arranged marriage with lots of ‘love’-ly moments.
We have always been listening to the saying “opposite poles attract each other” and this combo (S+S) justifies it completely.
Where Senthil is calm, Sudha is notorious.. all in all, a couple made for each other :-) 
A Tamil marriage ceremony is held over two days and is generally an occasion for all the near and distant relatives to come together. The Tamil community's belief in simple living is reflected in their marriage rituals too, which are holistic in nature.
Reception Party
The celebration starts with the reception party hosted by the groom’s family where guests come and bless the newlywed couple and later head towards a delicious dinner spread.
The Nadaswaram and the Melam are the two musical instruments, commonly found in Tamil Nadu that play an important role in all the Tamil marriage rituals.
Gauri Puja
This one is done by the bride only. After she gets ready for the wedding, she offers prayers to Goddess Gauri who is a symbol of purity.
Kashi Yatra & Pada puja
In this ritual, the groom pretends that he does not want to marry, and is going away to Kashi (holy city) for a holy pilgrimage. He is given a walking stick and a few bare essentials for his journey. At this time, the bride’s father stops him and tries to persuade him towards married life. And, offers his daughter’s hand to him in marriage. The groom is then taken to the mandap.
The Pooja
The Mandap
Some Joyful Moments
The Knot
The 'Medley of emotions' 
The Blessings: A wedding is incomplete without the blessings of the parents.
Here the wedding rituals come to an end, wherein the groom applies kumkum/sindoor on the bride’s hair parting and ties a mangalsutra around her neck.
Aren’t they a gorgeous couple? They (almost) made us want to go through our own wedding madness all over again!


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