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April 26, 2014
Hotel-Marina-ShimlaShimla-Wedding-PhotographerA vibrant wedding at Hotel Marina, Shimla
Shimla Wedding Photography | Puja Mishra & Rohan Mishra
An unsaid love story now turned into a beautiful reality. 
Pallavi looking forward to a new chapter in her life left for Bangalore, her first job. Accenture was conducting a 'college to corporate' training program where she had met Ashish - A smart, witty and intelligent guy. 
They were opinionated, had myriad ideas and thoughts and debated on anything and everything. She became defensive around him and he interestingly ignored her. Between those rifts of thoughts, they became great friends.
Their first date was the funniest coincidence ever; a date by chance would be a more appropriate description. They saw the movie hurt locker, sat on the first row, had the worst pizza ever but they describe it as the most fun evening, maybe because nothing was perfect. Randomness has always been their driving force. They wake up to nothing and always end up doing something crazy!
They became such great friends that they knew they had to spend their life together. No doubt whatsoever. 
And that's why strangely, there was never a 'Will you be my girlfriend/boyfriend proposal moment'. She still teases him to propose her. To which he says ‘I’ve happily taken US for granted' 
Their wedding was high on entertainment and emotions. I would rather call it a 'Masaledaar Wedding' where each member came with a different Flavour.
The celebration began with the Traditional Mehendi Ceremony
The mehendi ceremony brings together the knowledge of medicinal herbs with many lovely sentiments and beliefs. The result is a ceremony filled with fun and joy and the perfect precursor to the auspicious wedding day.
Mehandi-designs-shimlaMehandi-designs-shimla Bridal-Mehandi-ShimlaBridal-Mehandi-Shimla
It is a common belief that the darker the color the mehendi leaves on the hands on a bride, the more will she be loved by her husband and mother-in-law. And as far as our bride is concerned you can yourself see the color…
Now comes the moment for which Pallavi has been waiting for the past 4 years. 
It was the time when Ashish made an official proposal to Pallavi by kneeling down on one knee and that too in front of her whole family. Wow what a moment! Hopelessly romantic..Isn’t it?
After exchanging the rings now it was time for some breath taking performances by the couple and their loved ones.
Nati – The most important dance sequence in a Himachally wedding
The beauty of hilly Himachal finds an expression in the languid and elegant movements that form a part of the marvelous Nati dance. The dance matches the gentleness of the hilly breeze and the rhythmic swaying of trees. 
Haldi  - Our very own ‘Indian Bridal Glow Mask’ especially designed for the Bride and Groom.
Bichiya Ceremony
Wearing a toe ring (bichiya) is another symbol of marriage. In this ceremony Bride’s maternal Uncle and Aunt made her wear it.
Chooda Ceremony
It was an extremely emotional moment for the bride's family as Pallavi’s mama (maternal uncle) made her wear the 'Red and White' set of bangles marking the beginning of her married life ahead. It is that one clear symbol of a newly-wed girl that becomes her identity for a certain period of time.
When the chooda was finally slid onto her wrist the close family members were inevitably in tears watching this touching act.
Pallavi was actually not allowed to see the chooda at the time of the ceremony. She had to keep her eyes closed, till the time a white cloth was tied on that. She was only allowed to see it in the evening at the time of pheras.
The Chooda ceremony is also followed by the tying of 'Kaleeras' on the bride's wrist by her sister, cousins and other female friends. Traditionally Kaleeras are a gift given to the bride as 'shagun' from her 'nankay'(maternal family). As a part of the tradition, the bride is supposed to hit the kaleeras on her sister/brother or even her cousins' and friend's heads and the one to get hit by the kaleers is supposed to be wedded next. These rituals actually make the wedding a fun affair as they involve joking and pulling each other's leg in good humor.
Like every girl Pallavi wanted to look absolutely stunning on her D day. Looking pretty would have been an understatement for her. With a Master like Shivani (Make up artist) here is Pallavi getting all geared up to reign everybody’s heart including Ashish’s :-)
Makeup Artist: Shivani ( [email protected]), Mob: 09815184573
shimla-candid-wedding-photographershimla-candid-wedding-photographerBridal makeup shot, Shimla
The word “beautiful” has just found a new synonym and guys that’s “Pallavi”
Pallavi’s excitement of getting married has been well captured here. Her chirpiness and spontaneity made the photographs look even more captivating.
In the meanwhile entry of the Baraat happens and so is the welcome... a parade to announce Ashish’s entry..
Wedding photography Shimla
Finally comes the moment when for a second Ashish’s heart was going to skip a beat….
The bride enters…. 
and it happened…Ashish did miss a beat…
The Var Mala ceremony takes place.
Beginning of the wedding processions
Kanyadaan is the moment when the father 'gives away' his daughter to her new family.
It’s time for the Saat Pheras.
The Seven Vows are the seven promises that Pallavi and Ashish has to now live up to for the rest of their lives.
Sindoor Daan Ceremony
Ashish declares to the world that she is married to him ;-)
And how can we miss the all time famous "Joote do paise lo" ;-)
In India, weddings bring with them celebrations and customs full of fun. One important tradition in Indian weddings is the stealing and hiding of groom’s shoes on the day of his wedding by the bride’s sisters and cousins.

The groom has to remove the shoes during the ceremony. The bride’s family makes wacky plans to steal the shoe and hide it. On the other hand, the groom’s family tries to protect the shoe. Usually the bridesmaids successfully steal the shoes, as it is a matter of their pride and honour. Once the ceremony is over and the groom needs his shoes back, he and his family start searching for it. The bridesmaids surround him and ask for a huge sum of money which the groom pays them and gets his shoes back.

The bridesmaids or the `saalis` of the groom play this game just as a joke and make their relation with their brother in law more easy and approachable. This ritual serves an essential social purpose of bonding families together and strengthening amity within communities.

In India girls are often called Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth and prosperity) and so when the Lakshmi of the house leaves to go and be with her husband, she ensures that her maternal house remains prosperous by throwing rice puffs which are symbolic of food and wealth :-)
Vidaai…time to say final goodbye…
Here is the beginning of a new journey...
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The Mall Shimla, Shimla 171001, India


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