D800 firmware update

May 14, 2014

D800 firmware A: 1.10 / B:1.10

D800 owners will now have the ability to assign the movie button to other functions. 
You can find the full details and download links for the new firmware over at Nikon here (D800). Below I have listed some of the big feature improvements and fixes.
1. Custom Setting f13 has been changed to Assign Movie Record Button.
2. HTTP server mode – Use to view the pictures on the camera memory card, or to take photographs, from the web browser on a computer or iPhone.
3. FTP upload mode (previously Transfer mode (FTP)) – Use to upload photos and movies from camera memory cards, or to upload photos as they are taken, to an ftp server.
4. Support for CompactFlash memory cards with capacities greater than 128 GB has been added.
5. The most exciting update is fixing the random “long-write” bug: “In some rare cases, the memory card access lamp remained lit for longer than usual, and some time was required before any operations could be performed. This issue has been resolved.” I’ve had several shoots where my D800 would just get stuck like this for almost a minute before resuming normal operation!
I have upgraded my firmware ..have you?


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