Freezing action and Panning

July 23, 2014
Yesterday we came across a bunch of kids who were practicing for their upcoming District Level Roller Skating Championship which is scheduled to happen in August in Chennai. Seeing their sheer passion towards the sport, I decided to capture the action.
I thought of sharing the techniques we used during this shoot. Basically, all the below shots are perfect examples of “Freezing action” & “Panning” techniques.
Even though both the techniques are technically opposite as far as the shutter speed is concerned, they are predominantly used for sports and action photography.
Freezing Action: To freeze the fast action, we need to select our shutter speed carefully. In my case I was using 
1/500- 1/800th of a sec. 
Aperture: f4 to f8
ISO: To match shutter speed and Aperture
Panning: For Panning, the shutter speed can only be selected by trial and error. It totally depends upon the speed of the object to be covered. Usually, 1/40th of a sec is a good starting point. In my case I had to use the shutter speed close to 1/80th of sec to get the desired results.
You can also try this technique on fast moving cars. Here is our version:
So go out and give it a try. Feel free to drop in your queries and any such similar experiences.


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