September 04, 2016
5 Essential Ingredients for Great Wedding PhotosGet the best out of your vendors using these tips

Hiring a professional photographer is not the end but a start to get your wedding captured in the most beautiful way. There are few ingredients which goes hand in hand to make your wedding an absolutely a breathtaking event. 

Wedding Attire

1st and the foremost element is the Wedding attire. You should go for an attire which is exclusively designed for you and is as per your taste and style. Do not let any other person's desire overpower you. See what suits you and how comfortable you are in carrying that particular outfit. Because at the end of the day if you won't feel beautiful from inside it will not reflect in the pictures either. So feel beautiful to look beautiful!

Mysore-wedding-photographyMysore-wedding-photographyBridal Portrait Punjabi-groomPunjabi-groom Location

Many a times people willingly compromise on this aspect due to budget constraints. But before you book a normal banquet hall or an average hotel room for getting ready, just keep in mind that the setup/ location chosen by you will come in the pictures too. Every shot will get impacted! As being photographers, we also need some space and elements to play with. On the other hand an Exotic location will have always a LARGER THAN LIFE output.

Diggi-palace-JaipurDiggi-palace-Jaipur Makeup Artist

A good Make-up Artist can either make you look like a Diva or spoil your look altogether. So ensure you carefully select the make-up artist and have a mandatory trial bridal make-up with her/him before giving the final nod. Also do go through this blog from a photographer's perspective. http://www.rohanmishraphotography.com/tips-to-look-great-on-your-wedding-day

Muslim-wedding-makeup-artist-chennaiMuslim-wedding-makeup-artist-chennaiCreative shot of the bride getting ready with double reflections Planning & Time management

We all know that planning a wedding is not easy and sometimes things do go out of the way but believe me if you talk to all your vendors and explain them clearly about the wedding schedule and work together towards it, you can really make your wedding a memorable one! 
Always remember that you can hire the best wedding vendors but if you don't provide them their time to execute their job, you are not using them to their full potential which will surely impact the end result. You can also refer the below article for our wedding planning tips:

Photo by: Rohan Mishra Photography (www.rohanmishraphotography.com) An Ace Photographer

Of course last but not the least another most important ingredient in your whole wedding is to hire a photographer whose photography style appeals to you and who can do wonders with the camera and lighting techniques. After all to make all of the above elements and your efforts a timeless memory, you should hand it over in the right hands.

Best-Mysore-candid-photographerBest-Mysore-candid-photographerCreative getting ready shot And trust me the moment you think of compromising on any one element, you are actually bringing down the level of your wedding from Best to Good to Average and so on. 
Consider the above suggestions as ingredients to make your wedding recipe a perfect one... every single ingredient has its own importance to get that perfect taste!

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