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September 11, 2014
Chennai Wedding Photography | Puja Mishra & Rohan Mishra
He came from a leisurely paced small village in Tamil Nadu, while she was born in Delhi and grew up in the 24x7 rush hour city of Mumbai. 
At a time when newspapers are awash with issues of language politics, these two decided to bridge the gap between Vanakkam and Namaste in their own way. Mind it(!) not for a social cause though. 
She likes to plan and organize .. he likes to be more spontaneous and take things as they come. 
One exhibits a persona of eternal calm and the other is occasionally more of a live wire (identities withheld here). 
Yet, they believe this is NOT the case of opposites attracting! 
Who saw that coming. Perhaps underneath all these visible exteriors, scratching deeper reveals the common factors, the strong core, the ideologies, the principles, the belief, that makes them click, that makes them complement each other, that makes them want to see each other happier, that makes them want to learn from each other and eventually … become better beings. 
And here we are who got this amazing opportunity to capture their love and showcase it like never before. 
All the best Shveta and Prasad...Have a phenomenal life ahead!
Chennai-Candid-wedding-photographerChennai-Candid-wedding-photographerA beautiful Chennai bride

Happy Beginnings....


The priest chosen to conduct the marriage will tie the sacred yellow thread known as Kanganam around the wrists of the groom. The groom in turn will tie it around the wrists of the bride before the commencement of the marriage.


The marriage will become complete with the tying of Mangalayam which is made up of a yellow thread painted with Turmeric paste with a gold pendant attached to it. The thread is tied with three knots around the bride’s neck. In some of the weddings the first knot is tied by the groom, while the remaining two knots are tied by his sister.. The elders present at the hall will bless the couple showering atchathai (rice coloured with turmeric).
Indian-WeddingIndian-WeddingIndian Wedding thali-mangalsutra-chennai-wedding-ceremonythali-mangalsutra-chennai-wedding-ceremonythali or mangalsutra ceremony in Chennai

Tying of Pattam

After the completion of Mangalyam tying or knotting ceremony, the couple will swap their seats and their clothes will be tied together. Then their close relatives will tie the gold or silver plate called pattam around their foreheads. The pattam will be tied by the maternal uncles of bride and the groom.
It's worth getting some time out for a small couple shoot session on the wedding day. It really helps capturing those intimate & lovely moments which can be cherished lifelong! It was a real fun shooting Shveta & Prasad and their chemistry is clearly visible in their pictures ;-) 


Rohan Mishra Photography
Then comes the ceremony which is marked by both emotions of "happiness and sorrow". 
Rohan Mishra Photography
It's the final stage of the wedding, where the bride’s parents bid farewell to their daughter with their son-in-law. As their little, loving daughter welcomes a new life of bliss; parents are filled with feelings of happiness for her, blessing her with all their heart and soul. Simultaneously, the pain of being separated from their child makes their eyes well up with tears.
Rohan Mishra Photography
The same emotions are witnessed in the bride as well, as she hugs her parents.
VidaiVidai VidaiVidaiVidai


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