We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions for your convenience. 

What is your photography style?

We aim to capture your wedding story in an unobtrusive, candid manner. We want your wedding pictures & films to feel real so that when your family from the next generation takes a look at this story, they get a true sense of who you are.

When it comes to your couple portraits, we will offer direction to make the output reflect your natural chemistry, without looking cheesy or gimmicky. We also look at our couple portraits as a way of bonding and creating a relationship with our brides & grooms.

We love using creative lighting, unique perspectives, angles, compositions, and artistic post-production refining to bring out our client's personalities and beauty while telling their wedding story. We pride ourselves on not just being photographers, but rather artists creating unique and expressive imagery.

What is traditional wedding photography & candid wedding photography?

We are essentially documentary wedding photographers but there are different categories created in the Indian market and are broadly called "Candid Photography" & "Traditional Photography". We have kept it simple by calling it just "Wedding photography".

As part of "Wedding Photography", we will cover your celebration in an unobtrusive, candid manner in most of the scenarios. Along with documenting moments & details, it is equally important to document the presence of close family & friends at a wedding. This can be done through group portraits before or after the ceremony.

If your wedding party has more than 100 people, and if you expect more guest coverage (including the formal stage shots), there are additional photographers in our team who can take care of that as well.

What is Cinematography/ Wedding Film / Candid Video and Traditional Videography?

Traditional Videography

  1. Shot with a traditional video camera mixed with instrumental music essentially documenting the event in a simple way. 
  2. There is no possibility of editing this kind of video footage in a cinematic way to create a trailer or a wedding film.
  3. Shot in a documentary manner from a single front angle with minimal camera movement.
  4. Deliverables: 1 Traditional video for each event

Cinematography/ Wedding Film / Candid Video

  1. Shot with high-end Mirrorless, stabilizers/ gimbals, Drone, and equipment by professionals who are skilled in cinematography which is then edited, in a tasteful manner to create a Trailer and a wedding film. 
  2. Shot with multiple cameras covering different angles with dynamic camera movements resulting in a creative film.
  3. The videos are shot in the form of small clips which are later brought into postproduction. A lot of brainstorming happens and each film goes through a series of iterations till we get satisfied with the final output.
  4. These edits have the possibility to create slow motions and various cinematic transitions which makes the trailer and the film truly magical. This cannot be done with a video shot on a traditional camera.

What is your team size?

The number of photographers/ cinematographers covering your event will depend on the type of coverage, crowd strength and the scale of the wedding. 

Have you shot at my venue before?

We have shot at hundreds of venues, so there is a good chance that we have. However, if we have not, we will get to the venue early on the day of the shoot and be sure to perform a thorough walk-through to scout out the best photography locations. We also do extensive online research prior to your big day!

My wedding is next year, is it too early to enquire?

Since we take up limited weddings each year, we are usually booked well in advance. Let's connect as soon as your dates are finalized.

What if I want to hire you only for photo or video only from my side of the family and the groom’s side is having a separate team?

We do not take up assignments where we have to work for one side (bride or groom) and another team is covering the 'other side'. We tried it a couple of times in the past, but we always experienced that the value we could have added got affected due to two reasons

  • The bride and groom had to split their time (whatever limited time they did have) between two teams
  • Since our team believes in an unobtrusive method of coverage, it is always difficult working with another team who believes otherwise! 

How many weddings do you shoot in a year?

Since we prefer our personal touch in every wedding we take, we are only able to take up between 15 to 20 weddings a year.

What if one or more of my wedding functions goes on for a little longer than what we've discussed and aligned on?

We understand that weddings (Indian weddings especially) don't run exactly on schedule. We are definitely flexible on timings to a reasonable degree. If an extension to timings happens at the wedding, then we will continue to shoot based on our capability & adjustments to pricing will be made later.

Do you back up our images? How can we ensure that our images won’t be lost?

Here is our backup workflow for each of our events:

  • We usually shoot with dual cards on our cameras. One holds the high res RAW files and another holds the .jpeg version of it.
  • During the shoot, we back up on two External Hard Drives (Primary and Secondary backup) after each major event throughout the day.
  • The backup card on the camera holds all the .jpeg version images and stays in the camera from start till the end. This works as another backup for worst-case scenarios.
  • After the shoot, we copy the RAW files on a third Hard Disk of our editing machine for post-production.

Do you share all the raw files after an event? 

No, because we can do better than raw images! When you book us, you are paying for our professional set of eyes that are trained to only pick the best of the best. You will receive a well-rounded gallery with a nice range of shots that fits our style.

National Assignments

Travel: We travel all over India on assignments. Travel costs are as per the lowest / most reasonable fare during the slot needed. 

Stay: We typically stay as a guest of the family. No fancy requirements, but a nice room, a clean loo with some privacy for midnight edits!

Which cameras do you use?

Well, we are Nikon. But frankly, It is really not the camera that creates the image but the person holding it. We use the latest and best equipment that we need to create the magic that you expect us to create.


Click on the link below to see all our gears (Cameras, Lenses & accessories) we use to create those stunning images!

What kind of payment modes do you accept?

  •   Cash
  •   Cheque
  •   Internet Banking

Booking your dates and payment terms

We require 50% of the package fee to finalize the date. 50% of the advance amount (i.e. 25% of the package fee) is non-refundable because when we commit dates to you, we turn away other inquiries and lose potential business. Balance payment is expected within 7 days of completion of the assignment.

Final Images -  Do you deliver every image you shoot?

A lot of effort goes into creating a wedding story based on our two-person approach to wedding photography. On completion of the assignment, we will provide you with high and low-resolution versions of the shortlisted and processed images from your wedding. We do not provide a full dump of all photographs shot from your wedding. 

A great chunk of the unfiltered set comprises test shots, duplicates, shots with totally unflattering expressions and so on.

Also, we know for a fact that going through thousands of pictures to pick the best isn't really worth your time. Leave that to us. :)

Do you have a replacement photographer in case you become unavailable on the day of the event?



If you have other questions, feel free to contact us through our "CONTACT US" page!