Don't take our word for it. See what real clients have to say about their experience with us.

The albums were beautiful and everyone loved it!

Working with Rohan, Puja and the team was a wonderful experience. They did an amazing job capturing all our wedding festivities. They were non-intrusive and don't ask you to pause and pose during the ceremony. They capture all the moments candidly. Being very camera shy I was very worried about how the photographs would turn out, but they came out really well. The albums were beautiful and everyone loved it and complimented it.

Keerthana & Ajay
United Kingdom/ Chennai

We would recommend their services wholeheartedly!

Rohan and Puja are an amazing photography team. They took beautiful pictures of us, and were so approachable throughout the planning process, the event itself, and afterwards. I would recommend their services wholeheartedly and wish them all the best.

Archith & Sai Arathi
United Kingdom/ Chennai

They made it feel like they were an extension of our family!

Rohan, Puja, and the team were an absolute pleasure to work with on our wedding day. They are incredibly professional and were at ease navigating the chaos common in Indian weddings. Their passion and creativity truly shine through in their work, and they were a great help in giving us tips on timing, colours, and wardrobe choices that would look great in our photos. They made it feel like they were an extension of our family in how they interacted and worked with everyone. They were able to capture all the candid moments and memories that we will treasure forever. We had a lot of fun working with them and appreciated the personal touches they added to our special occasion. We couldn't be happier with the final results and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a wedding photographer.

- Nupur & Nithin (Patna / Chennai)

They are truly a creative and lively team, able to turn our awkward poses into naturally beautiful moments!

As a US-based NRI couple, we’re extremely fortunate to have worked with Rohan, Pooja and team. They were an essential part of why our wedding was a resounding success—not only did me and my husband love working with them but so did our families, friends, and guests with whom Rohan’s team equally covered and showcased in the best possible ways. In preparing for the event, Rohan very patiently answered all of our questions and concerns over both email and WhatsApp; their pricing structure was very transparent and easy to work with. One big plus was that Rohan was able to arrange for drone photography and also live-streaming —I highly recommend asking for those amenities much in advance! Especially for brides, having Pooja to guide you with outfit placement & poses during your photoshoot is very helpful. They are truly a creative and lively team, able to turn our awkward poses into naturally beautiful moments. Rohan’s team did a fantastic job packaging the post-processed photos into a neatly composed book, very sturdy and rich in color. His team’s photography style and picture quality (which you can easily check on his Instagram) come alive in print—absolutely brilliant!

- Harini & Aswin (USA/ Chennai)

Trust me this is the easiest and best decision you’ll make!

One of the best decisions I took for my wedding was choosing this husband and wife duo as our photographers. They are amazing, our photos turned out so beautiful. Everyone who’s seen our photos has complimented us on them and praised the photographer. They are extremely professional, help you with posing and are totally non-intrusive during the ceremonies. They also designed a wonderful album in a teak box to remember our wedding. I recommend Rohan Mishra and his team to anyone for the biggest events in their life, trust me this is the easiest and best decision you’ll make.

- Srinidhi & Rishi (Chennai/ New Delhi)

Very dedicated!

We had hired Rohan and his team for our 3-day wedding and they did a fabulous job with it. We got some amazing photos, candid shots and the wedding video was just superb. We enjoyed working with the team a lot. They were quite creative, trying out different things and very dedicated. Overall it was definitely a great value for money and I would definitely recommend them.

- Shejal & Pratik (Chennai/ Pune)

The best photographers!

The best photographers: I have chosen them for my wedding celebration.. it was in lockdown with limited guests. Rohan first asked us the theme of the wedding and our story. They first understand you better, make you comfortable like friends, and then bang.. there you go.. They had captured all small cute little things that you would sit and cherish for years.. The photo album comes in a teak wooden box which gives you a royal feel along with a personal note which was close to my heart.. Just go for it and the team gives you the best..

- Abinaya & Arvind (Chennai, Tamil Nadu)

True professionals at work. You won't regret hiring them!

We got married in Chennai near ECR.
Rohan & Puja (+3 crew members) covered our pre-wedding and wedding photoshoot.

I found Rohan Mishra Photography online and approached them for my wedding shoot, the timeline we had was very little and Rohan did it like a pro.

All moments of our wedding moments were perfectly captured, they helped us in setting up Mandap placement, decorative colors, and backdrop selections, they remained patient throughout our event and they extended their schedule to meet our delays.

Rohan gathered basic information upfront about me and my partner and planned photography accordingly. we really liked the way photographs were taken, none of the guests was interrupted in the event and they just covered every corner and every moment.

Post-wedding the deliverables we received from them made us feel blessed, really appreciate their eye for detail.

True professionals in work and I strongly recommend them to choose, you won't regret.

If you are still confused just try reaching Rohan, he will explain and solve all your queries.

- Karthik & Deepika (Andhra Pradesh)

It was a breeze working with them!

We couldn't have asked for a better team than Rohan's to cover our special day. The whole experience with Rohan and Puja was fabulous. From the beginning Rohan has been most friendly, accommodating and patient. He actively participates and provides suggestions and tips. Puja and Rohan are both professional, and have a lot of wonderful creative ideas and it was a breeze working with them!

- Anaswara & Aditya (Chennai)

Very Professional & Client-oriented!

Choosing you was one of the best decisions we made as you covered the wedding of Devi (my sister) beautifully! You and your team did a fabulous job on the D-Day.

We absolutely loved the wedding pictures and the printed album. Not to mention that we were very specific for the kind of pictures and album we were looking at; this could not be a better choice to have you as our wedding storyteller!

We had a wonderful experience during the day of our shoot, which was mainly due to the perfect planning of the schedule of our D-Day (We made you run 3 weeks before the wedding day to plan it) and needless to mention that it was executed by your team in a perfect manner.

Everything was very casual and friendly on the day of the shoot. You guys made us very confident & at ease which made the best shooting experience we ever had.

Also, you were keen to explore your artsy spirit during the shoot which we enjoyed very much.
Rohan was very responsive from the shoot till delivery. Since we are very demanding, Rohan was very sensitive to our changes and needs with patience. We really appreciate the time and effort he took to meet our expectations.

In short, ‘Rohan Mishra Photography’ is very professional and client-oriented. The entire team is very talented with a great artistic spirit & taste and most importantly very friendly.

We would highly recommend you to anyone who is looking for a professional and friendly team to cover their wedding day.
Thank you so much for being a part of the start of our journey as Husband & Wife. Wish you all the best!

Lots of love!

- Nina & Jonathan (France)

Their work clearly demonstrates that photography is far more than just having high-end camera equipment!

It was an absolute pleasure working with Rohan & Puja this past May in Chennai. Yusra & I are beyond thrilled with all of the photos. The clarity, resolution & vividness in all of them are stunning. As an amateur photographer, it was a joy to watch their teamwork analyze and execute each shoot. Without any prior setup, they were able to make each setting work and produce photos that I could not even visualize at the time of shooting. Rohan & Puja clearly demonstrate that photography is far more than just having high-end camera equipment. The quality of the final product is absolutely determined by one’s talent, and these two have it in spades.

Aside from their technical prowess, we had a fun time working with Rohan & Puja. Each shoot was zero-stress as they guided us completely from start to finish. After moving back to the USA, they have been immensely helpful with the coordination of photo files and books. Lightning-quick responses along with their already excellent services, I have been spoiled. As I am preparing for my local reception in the USA, I can only hope that my local photographer will match Rohan & Puja’s capabilities. Thanks again for your wonderful performance & attitude!

- Syed Shuja Kazi (Chicago, United States)

Shuja and I are in love with each and every picture. The wedding looks like a dream. You guys have done such an amazing job!
We can't thank you guys enough for being like family and taking good care of our special moments.

- Yusra Javed (Chicago, United States)

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness!

Rohan, Puja, and the rest of their team were fantastic at capturing our wedding. We gave them virtually no guidance (other than emphasizing on candid shots as opposed to posed ones), and they ended up producing a result that was as good as we could have imagined. Few things to specifically call out:

Seamless blending with the guests: Their entire team blended so well with the rest of our guests that we never really felt the presence of an external photography crew during the events.

An eye for photography: We had hired Rohan and his team for 3 of our main events and chose to go with a different photographer for a couple others. It was very evident from the photos the difference in quality and better photographic vision that Rohan and his team possessed.

Patience: We were always running late - the story of all Indian weddings I guess. The time that gets cut-off is often the time that is kept aside for couple shoots. It is important to have photographers who are committed to the cause and work around the couple's schedules, which often meant little time for them to do their prep work while still being patient with everyone around. Rohan and Puja were exactly that!

Would gladly recommend Rohan and team to anyone considering a wedding photographer! Keep up the good work team, would love to stay in touch!

- Suyog & Svenja (Chennai)

The best professional team I ever met!

Rohan has amazing vision and technique to get creative shots within his available time and space. Pooja makes people very comfortable with her friendly approach and jovial nature. The second shooter has amazing abilities. In fact, they all work well as a team. One thing that was evident across every single one is their "Passion" to do things. They all worked their socks off as if it's their own function. I emphasize, they really work hard to get best out of the time and space that you give them. On the other hand, these guys are down to earth. They listen to you, appreciate your views on certain things and execute them. They are punctual, in fact, the group arrived 1 hour before their scheduled time. These guys are very flexible with schedules. I have to say this, Rohan stepped the extra mile with his recommendations on bridal wear, stage decors, etc. If you decide to work with him, definitely get his recommendations on things other than photography as well. Rohan and Pooja always give attention to details. There is a charm in every single thing they do. To get a feel, simply get a quote from them for their services and look at the way they send you the quote. They are different from rest of the pack. I know many studios post-process their images using softwares (Photoshop, Lightroom to name a few) to make images look better, of course intensifying the contrast and vibrance in images will make them look good. But the most important aspect where these studios fall behind is "creativity". And here is where Rohan and team stand apart. Look at some of his portfolio images. I had a wonderful experience working with these "Professionals" from day one and with God's blessings I wish this team to succeed in all of their future endeavors.

- Raja & Meera (Chennai, India)
Fun to work with and lovely people!

Our photographers - "Rohan Mishra Photography" were AMAZING. My husband and I wanted a wedding shoot that was a bit different. We wanted photos that weren't over-processed, but had lots of colour and showed our personalities. Rohan and Puja listened to what we wanted- even though it was a bit different- and the resulting photos are amazing. We could not be happier.

As well as gorgeous images that are fun, they are perfectly what we wanted. Added to that, they are super awesome to work with, lots of laughter and they were happy to listen to us if we had ideas. You guys captured us perfectly!

Thanks guys, you truly are amazing, far better than any other photographers we saw. You are also consistent- your photos have a consistent style and that's why we knew we could trust you. Technical skill and creative flair, and people who are great to be around. 

We cannot recommend them enough!

- Reza & Paula (Bangalore)

Very well organized and efficient!

The entire team along with Rohan Mishra and Pooja is an absolute pleasure to work with. They make the entire photo/video shoot enjoyable. The team is very well organized and efficient in completing the shoot. They have a very clear idea about the end images and work towards it, making the entire experience very smooth for us. They were very professional and polite throughout the entire time. Rohan will provide you with suggestions for decor, Venue, dresses etc.,well before the actual date, If you like, in order to get the best pictures. I highly recommend the team to everyone.

- Aparna & Kishore (Chennai, India)

The best decision we ever made!

We got our pre-wedding photoshoot done by Rohan and that is one of the best decisions we ever made. 
We as like many others were conscious to get in front of the camera but Rohan and Puja made us comfortable and the whole thing went like a breeze. We were so happy with the results. Rohan provided quality photographs and shared them in a matter of days at our request too. 

The only regret I have is that we were not able to book him for our wedding but I will always have the amazing photo album to cherish the moments.

Vipasha & Arpit (Chennai)

Made our photoshoot memorable!

It was really a great experience shooting with the team of Rohan Mishra Photography. Their efforts and creativity coupled with the high-quality pictures that they provided made our photoshoot memorable!

- Mayank & Nisha (Chennai)

Professional and extremely talented!

We had a brilliant experience with Rohan & his team. Ours was a one-day event that included wedding at Nungambakkam Church followed Reception at Hyatt Reception in Chennai. Everything was happening at a crazy pace, but they still managed to get one of the most beautiful and amazing pictures which we’ll cherish for life. They are not just professional and extremely talented but at the same time, they are extremely humble and make you super comfortable effortlessly.

We wish nothing but the best to the team and highly recommend it to everyone who is looking out to get a brilliant photographer for their D-day.

- Achintya & Dione (Chennai, India)

Friendly, professional and accommodating!

Rohan and his team did a fantastic job covering our wedding events in India. Their approach was friendly, professional and most importantly accommodative. As with every wedding event, ceremonies are always dynamic but Rohan and his team ensured they thought creatively and covered every aspect of the wedding. 

Hats off to the team for the amazing photographs and high-quality albums. We were left awestruck after seeing the quality of albums. We are so glad we chose Rohan & team as we embarked on the next phase of our lives.

Kudos Rohan, Puja & team!

- Tanzim & Nilofer (United States)

Highly skilled team of photographers!

We couldn't be happier about getting Puja and Rohan to capture an important moment in our lives. They took the time to understand us and their pictures really did tell our story.

First off, they are and have a highly skilled team of photographers who worked with the location, constraints and requests to take beautiful photographs.
As a team, they were so wonderful to hang out with and we felt like we go to know them over the course of our wedding events.
We are over the moon about our photographs and are so pleased that Rohan Mishra Photography made it all happen.

- Eshaw & Sai (United States)

Very talented!

Friendly, patient, accommodating and very talented! They were a pleasure to work with and the photographs are fantastic as well. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for someone to capture a special moment.

- Sheerin & Naren (Florida, United States)

It's a treasure trove!

Amazing photographer couple! The whole experience with Rohan and Puja was exceptional! Photos came out splendid - memories to treasure... Would highly recommend them.

- Kuhelika & Julian (Singapore)

This is a choice you would never regret!

Amazing photographers and great team!! We have trusted Rohan's team for our wedding, and they were so professional! They were eager to understand our story so they can emphasize what we really are through our wedding pictures and videos !! The photos are such in a good quality and the album provided is an unforgettable souvenir that we will cherish.
We highly recommend Rohan's team for your wedding, this is a choice that you would never regret!! Thank you again :)

- Devi & Maxime (France)

One of the best decisions ever made!

Choosing Rohan and his team to capture our wedding moments was personally one of the best decisions ever made . They were flawless and delivered just what they promised and most importantly at the right time.

Fahd & Nahala (Chennai, India)




They captured beautiful moments which I can treasure for a lifetime!

Rohan and his team did a fabulous job and made my D-day all the more special. It was not just photographs but he and his team captured beautiful moments which I can treasure for a lifetime!. Thank you for capturing treasured moments on my wedding day... ️It's not just pictures that you click, you truly capture sentiments!

Sanjana & Rahul (Mumbai, India)

"Children photographer in Chennai"Baby-shoot-ChennaiA creative shot of a baby girl playing with soap bubbles!

The word "amazing" is not enough!!

I'm writing to tell you both that I received the most amazing portraits of my daughter. As usual, you have created the most beautiful and heart-warming pictures. The word "amazing" is not enough to describe those pictures and your incredible skill of bringing out the best in people. You guys are truly amazing! You both have such a gift and talent. Though Aaradhya was cranky, you both showed a lot of patience to get the best shots. Each portrait is so unique and each one touches my heart and I will cherish them forever. They will always have a prominent and special place in my home and I am very blessed to have these portraits. We have already taken lots of prints and pasted on our walls at home 😊 👍. 
Well for my Sister-in-law's wedding too, you did such a wonderful job on the wedding day. You captured everything we ever could have wanted. I was very impressed by the way you caught the candid moments and the landscape in the pictures and also the way that you set us up for group shots was something I have never seen before and it looks amazing. You handled our crowd very well and I can definitely say that I will refer you to all my friends and family in the future.  
Everyone, there were impressed by your professionalism and vast knowledge of photography. Everyone could see the passion and creativity for photography while taking pictures in your own unique way. You both are a perfect photography couple. Rohan and Puja were very professional, enthusiastic, creative and energetic. Puja also was able to take charge when needed. I have recommended you to all my friends. 
Rohan and Puja you both are a wonderful couple and truly fabulous photographer.Thank you for doing such a great and incomparable job.

- Prashanth Mohan Sangem (Hyderabad, India)

Amazing experience!

Words cannot even describe how amazing our experience with the whole Rohan Mishra team was on our big day. They captured every single moment of our day in such a beautiful and unique way.  We will be able to look back at these photos for the rest of our lives and be able to relive every detail. Probably the best photographers in town. Very cooperative and interactive. Highly satisfied and contented with their work. Keep up the great job!

- Nazia & Rashan (Chennai, India)

Anyone who believes in Quality work, look no further!

Can't be more satisfied with the work. Everything was so professional and the most important thing is that you feel very comfortable with the service. Anyone who believes in Quality work, look no further!

- Hasnain & Fatema (Chennai, India)




LOVE YOU GUYS for making my life's most special event even more special!

I don't even know where to begin... The moment I saw Rohan's portfolio, I knew he was the one and it was the best decision I made in my wedding planning. During our wedding, Rohan & Puja continued to surprise and delight us with their professionalism, creativity, thoughtfulness, and knowledge. I spoke to them more than any other wedding vendor throughout the process and they really know how to make you feel comfortable about the process and the day. After the marriage shoot, the post-wedding was a breeze- they really make you feel comfortable in front of their camera which is truly visible in their photos.
"I have to say that Rohan and Puja actually make the process of taking photos an absolute fun!!!!"
I just LOVE YOU GUYS for making my life's most special event even more special by adding a flavor of your outstanding photography.
I highly recommend hiring them for any event and can guarantee that they will come out with flying colors in every situation. You must take a look at their website- their work speaks for itself!!

- Bhuvana & Sai (Hyderabad, India)


Fun to work with & ability to put you at ease!

We had a great experience right from the shoots till the album delivery and are very happy with the end result. You guys did a great job!
We want to thank you for capturing the essence of our wedding day in such an enchanting way. You were able to include a variety of everything that made up our day.

With the wedding ceremony being over, it's only our wedding pictures through which we were able to cherish those special moments.
We would recommend your services to anyone who is looking for a talented, professional photographer who are fun to work with and has the ability to put you at ease.

- Christopher & Flora (Chennai, India)

Photo by: Rohan Mishra Photography (

Extremely professional candid photographers!

Extremely professional candid photographers. They give heed to minute details and prepare their shoots in advance and also keep you in loop so there are no surprises and everything can be scheduled. Keep your priorities in mind while shooting. Overall would highly recommend.
Thank you Puja & Rohan for making our wedding so memorable!!

- Swati & Mudit (Jaipur/ New Delhi, India)



My dad uses the word "class" for your work!

Thank you so much for the album and the photography. My dad uses the word "class" for your work and I would like to say that its apt for each and every photograph. 
Thanks for being a part of our celebration and giving us great memories!!

- Sana & Abdullah (Lucknow, India)



Every detail was a complete perfection..!!

Our wedding day was truly captured in the photographs taken by  Rohan Mishra Photography. Every detail was a complete perfection. Their artistic eye for each moment made our wedding photos pieces of art. They exceeded every expectation we had and we can forever look at our photos and vividly remember all details of our amazing wedding.

When it comes to making a decision about who will be documenting one of the most important days of your life, we are so glad we chose Rohan Mishra Photography!!

- Vidya & Praveen (Chennai, India)



A unique combination of vision & creativity!

Puja and Rohan- A unique combination of vision & creativity. They are full of creative ideas & every picture taken by them tells a story.
Since the time we met them, there was a sense of ease which helped us "to be us" in front of the camera!
They just don’t take pictures.. they build relationships. Glad we have 2 new friends!
Thanks a lot guys for capturing those lovely moments which we and our families will cherish all through our lives.

- Nikita & Rishi (Chennai, India)

Excellent job in making us feel comfortable in front of the camera!

The photos have come out simply stunning :) - The pics are just beautiful!!
It was really great working with you guys - especially for me - I'm very conscious and not very comfortable with the camera but you and puja did an excellent job in making me feel comfortable.

Really enjoyed the photo session. Once again thank you for capturing these beautiful precious moments of our life :)

- Omair & Asma (Chennai, India)

Gave us our most prized possession for life..!!

We really can't thank Rohan and Puja enough for our amazing wedding photographs. They are such down to earth creative people, great listeners, and sensational photographers. And getting them to capture all our wedding moments, was among the best decisions we made for our big day....They captured every simple moment phenomenally well and gave us our most prized possession for life... It is commendable how they put us and other family members so much at ease and became part of the family while shooting for us... From choosing the most unexpected spots at the venue, to telling us how to stand to capture the best shot and then not capturing the pose intended, rather the chaos before the pose is finally arrived at, From capturing every single expression on our faces to capturing the whole mood of the wedding right.... it was absolute delight (and a pack full of surprises) having them around! It is evident that they genuinely love what they do, and have fun while doing it, which translates into....magical photography. Rohan - Puja (Rohanmishraphotography), Keep up the excellent work you do... Photographers like you are very ....very rare and few!

Ankita Bakshi (Lucknow, India)

Rohan & Puja...are everything you can hope for and more when it comes to preserving memories from the most important day of your life! We had heard of them through a friend and seen their work through their website (which was beyond impressive), but the first-hand experience of working with them was extraordinary! Since the day, we first spoke to them about our wedding, no question ever went unanswered. They were amazing and incredibly easy to work with! We had no worries just "leaving it to them!" They make you feel extremely comfortable when you have a million things running through your mind during the wedding!! They were totally unobtrusive, yet they never missed a single moment! The pictures and the album were both stunning and told the story of our wedding day in a way that completely exceeded our expectations. If you are looking for wedding photographers who are artistic, creative, professional, fun, who produce high quality - blissful wedding photographs that you'll want to keep showing off, and are cost effective too, then look no further!

Saurabh Bakshi (Dubai, UAE)

Every picture tells a story..!!

No words to describe the wedding pictures and the Album..It's just beautiful!
It seems to be like a fairytale where every picture tells a story! We are so happy that the gorgeous Album will be there with us for the life time.

Just loved it! 

Glad we choose you to be our storyteller.  
Thank you, Thank You, Thank You both of you for the amazing work. 

- Sneha & Abhishek (Bangalore, India)


Simply amazing..!!

Thank you so much for capturing our wedding in such beautiful pictures. 
You guys were simply amazing and that shows in the pictures. :) Both me & Kunal, as well as our family & friends, just love them.

- Harneet & Kunal (Jaipur, India)

They capture the ‘Soul’ of being in ‘LOVE’..!!

Before we start writing anything, we would like to say “A Big Thank You to, Rohan & Puja. You have made our wedding experience so memorable.”
Meghna and I were in a relationship for past 7 years. From the day we got engaged, we started to hunt for a Candid Wedding Photographer in Jaipur.

A photographer who can capture the ‘Soul’ of being in ‘LOVE’ and at the same time force you to be in love with yourself too. And we found that combination in Rohan and Puja.
Once everything was on the cards, Rohan & Puja came up with some valuable suggestions related to Make-up, Dresses, Venue Decorations and so many small & big things.

One thing which is really appreciable about these guys was that they always reverted on time as and when they promised.
We were amazed to see their preparations for our Pre Wedding shoot. They were all set to make it “An Experience of a Lifetime” for us. There's a lot to describe but I would only say one word that at the end of that day we were feeling proud of our decision for selecting them.

Rohan: A guy with a simple, sweet and quiet nature but would make you realize that how beautiful or handsome you are through his outstanding photography skills.
His unconditional and continuous efforts to make his clients happy and satisfied will always be his best part to choose him for the special day.

Puja: The best partner for Rohan I would her vivacious energy will slowly grow on you and she has the ability to bring out those magical moments through her clicks.
She would be continuously thinking and coming up with ideas to get that perfect frame. Also, a bride can always see a sister as a photographer in her.

You can find many photographers with excellent work but Rohan and Puja will still stand on top of them. Because they shoot your wedding as they would have done for their special day :).
Thanks Once Again To Rohan Mishra Photography.
Hope your success continues... This is straight from the heart….

- Meghna & Amit (Jaipur, India)

Their pictures speak louder than words.

Puja & Rohan are best in capturing emotional moments and their pictures speak louder than words.

Without a doubt, our favourite part of the wedding day was our Candid photography session :) We blushed and how :)

Thanks a ton, guys for the magical pictures. You both have captured moments and made them memorable beyond memories !!

Thank you from "us"

- Aarambhh & Rashmi (Varanasi/ Mumbai, India)

Young, free-spirited & Creative

Rohan and Puja's work is one of the highlights of our wedding memories. I found out Rohan through my online research for a candid photographer and we are so glad we did.

Since me and my husband, both are out of the country, all our bookings were purely done on past work(accessible online) and our gut feeling. After short-listing handful of photographers, we picked Rohan after trails of emails and phone calls. We happen to meet Rohan and Puja only on our engagement/Reception ceremony.

Both Rohan and Puja are young, free-spirited, creative, fresh embodiments capturing moments and visions. It was always fun to work with them. It was so heart-warming to see the duo resemble and reflect us in so many ways. It just helps to have the perfect blend of two different individual and energy coming together to paint a perfect picture for you.

Now that we found them, we don't have to go hunting for a photographer for future events. BIG thank you and hugs from us! Please keep up the good work!

- Neelam & Arun (Chennai/ Mumbai, India)


The Story Tellers!

Pics are just too good! I can't help seeing them over n over again. Thank you so much guys.. Just awesumm! I almost cried going through the vidai pics.... Good luck! Keep doing awesome work..!!

- Kavita & Akash (Chandigarh/ Delhi, India)

Amazing clicks Rohan & Puja!!! Every picture has a different story to tell.. great work!

-Varun Sood (Nangal, India)

They make your images go WOW..!!

It’s not about just taking pictures or getting clicked for your wedding album..There is much more to it... It’s more about the overall experience we had during our shoot with Puja and Rohan!

During both the engagement shoot and our wedding day, Puja & Rohan were absolutely amazing to work with.  They made us feel comfortable and kept us laughing during the couple shoot thereby making us comfortable in front of the camera.

An absolute genius couple, who know how to capture those “moments between the moments”.

From the initial meeting through the ordering of our wedding album, Puja and Rohan were so much more than photographers.  They provided us all the minute details about the wedding albums and were always responsive to our queries.

The work of this duo is second to none and we are truly amazed by our wedding photos.  The attention to detail, creativity, and customization provided by them captured the mood and atmosphere of our wedding day perfectly and has provided us with one-of-a-kind work of art through our wedding albums.

We cannot thank you enough for everything you guys have done for us during this time!

And this one is for all the “to be” bride and grooms: "ek baar photo khichwa ke toh dekho!!"

- Sonia & Gautam (Lucknow, India)





We can get married again to get into your lenses!

Awesome moments captured at the perfect timing !!! Thanks for bringing those beautiful moments as clicks which we dreamt for a long time and came true through your lenses...We can get married again to get into your lenses lol !!!

-Sudha & Senthil (Chennai, India)

Made my Son’s first birthday a memorable one!

Thank you so much for bringing out all the memorable moments of the special day in such a beautiful way. Thanks to Puja too for all her efforts she took on the day.

Lovely album with awesome snaps.... I am absolutely satisfied with your work!

-Rekha Nirmal (Chennai, India)

I have lesser walls and more frames at home now!

I remember browsing through a friend’s wedding album and wondering if I should go for a candid photographer…a tough decision coz I didn’t want those cheesy romantic shots…I remember Ashish being all skeptical about these ‘photo-shoots’. After going through a plethora of photographer tantrums, quotes and pictures we Spoke to Rohan and instantly decided to go with Rohan Mishra Photography.

An amazing couple, who hear you out nicely, never push their ‘experience’ or know-hows on you and ensure that your true story comes out.

During our lifestyle shoot we all went crazy- I had bizarre ideas and they made sure everything is captured in the frame. Never did I feel uncomfortable and both I and Ashish had the time of our life.

During the wedding, I remember giving that extra smile to Rohan’s camera and ignoring the ‘traditional’ family photographer all the time. Rohan and Puja are not the ‘chennai-se-aaye-photowale’ anymore; they are a part of our family.

For me, these pictures are not about colors, poses, expressions…they are about the memories. Every time I look at a funny crazy expression I remember my dance practice, when I look at those teary eyes I remember those emotional moments with my family, that little cornered smile tells me someone was happy and those funny dance moves reminds of the grand celebration.

We can’t thank you enough for helping us frame these moments.

More than awesome photographers, you guys are the bestest people :)

p.s.- I have lesser walls and more frames at home now! :)

- Pallavi & Ashish (Shimla, India)


When Pallavi told me about you guys I thought they are just photographers but somewhere I felt connected to Puja. .then slowly I felt you guys like a family..

Pallavi is like eldest daughter to me. Her marriage holds special place in my heart. .through your pictures I relive those moments. Shimla ki sardi , bachhon ki masti , akshay ki shrarat , Puja ka dance , palak ka andaz … sab dobara yaad aa gye. ..We really had gr8 fun together n you stored those memories in pictures. .above all I got another daughter Puja. ..Thank you guys ..Thank you and bless you both..

- Punam Verma (Shimla, India)


A memory Is only as good as the photography. Rohan and Puja your passion for photography is evident and the pictures speaks for themselves.All the pictures are radiant, v loved it.

-Rohan Khajaik (Ahmadabad, India)


Have never come across any other passionate photographers like these two - "Mishra's". They bring life to the pictures and know exactly when to click and make it a Moment for Life time ! Kudos for your work, Hard work ! loved it !!!

- Chandni Rangwani Khajaik (Ahmadabad, India)

Made us relive those precious moments!!

Every time we come across our photographs, we relive the precious moments of our lives again and therefore I wanted mine to be really special...My pre-wedding and wedding ceremonies were covered by Rohan & Puja and they have done a splendid job! Shall look forward to get clicked by them again on the next memorable event of my life! :) Keep up the good work guys!

-Richa Misra (Lucknow, India)


Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.. I got the precious moments of my life.. "my marriage" covered by Rohan and truly I will cherish them whenever I look back at the photographs! Hats off Puja and Rohan. Way to go... Kudos!

-Pulkit Singh (Lucknow, India)

C L I C K   H E R E   TO   R E S E R V E   Y O U R   W E D D I N G   D A T E !