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Being one of the best Candid wedding photographers in Chennai, we create stunning StoryBook Albums that you and your family will enjoy for years to come. We strongly believe that wedding album is the best medium to retell the story of the wedding day and highlight it’s most important moments. Telling a story makes a wedding album more fun to read.
It’s an investment and not an expense. 
This post is all about showcasing the importance of wedding albums in our lives. With the digital era, you can post & share your wedding images with whomsoever & whenever you want but is that all?
Sharing photos online may be the order of the day but one thing that will never go out of style is printing wedding photos. A wedding album is arguably the most important keepsake of your big day, something that is cherished and treasured, displayed on coffee tables, and preserved for future generations to see.
Once the rings are exchanged, the pheras completed, the food is eaten... after close friends and cousins have toasted and laughed, after Father and Mother have danced…Decades later, when the kids have grown up, and Mother and Father have the passage of time etched on them, wouldn't it be just wonderful to see everything as though time stood still, as though had only happened yesterday?
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Have you ever noticed that one thing which is safely kept in your father’s & grandfather’s shelf is a wedding album? Yes, they are timeless and invaluable.
We happen to spend 10 times more on other arrangements like location, flowers, catering, clothes etc. but we don’t realize that after the wedding, the only things that can be taken away and preserved are certain symbols of love, articles of faith, and the memories of the day.  They are your wedding images in a tactile form- Your Wedding albums.
An album is what you will look at time and time again. You will get the album out and show relatives and friends. You will get it out on anniversaries and look through the pages…you will show your children and in years to come you will show your grand children.
Let’s face it…Looking at the images via disc on your computer or i-pad just isn’t the same.
You hired a professional to take the photos so why not hire a professional to print the photos? Your photographer will be able to print out the images into a book at a high quality that will do the original photo justice.
Any album purchased through Rohan Mishra Photography are put through a serious work out to be optimized for that specific print quality.  This includes the images we add into your wedding album.  Everything you received was fully edited but these images go through a series of tonal adjustments, level adjustments, texturizing, sharpening settings, and the list goes on and on.  It is a very time-consuming process but it ensures that when you open your album you will be blown away!
To make you relive your wedding memories over and over again with the best quality prints & Albums, we rely only on Canvera..!!
The most special day of your life deserves to be everlasting. With our premium albums, we make sure the day remains etched in your memory in all its glory and beauty. Beautifully designed with rich textures & classy colors, you can be sure your wedding album is as memorable as the day itself.

We offer you beautifully crafted Premium FLUSHMOUNT ALBUMS with LAYFLAT DESIGN.

  • This type of binding that allows the pages to stay open and remain completely flat, so you don’t have to hold down the pages while viewing it. 
  • They are printed on exclusive photo paper which gives Smooth skin tones, Rich colors, Realistic contrast and Excellent details to your images.
  • The pages are thicker and do not bend easily thereby giving it a premium feel.
  • The pages have no seam, but rather a crease between the pages.
Here are some sample images of lay flat photo books:
You can even opt for an ECO-LEATHER Cover:
Get a personal, secure Photobook Website with every Canvera Photobook. You can now carry Your Storybook even in your pockets:
Our Storybooks are now just as mobile as you are! View all your Canvera Photobooks on your mobile or tablet anytime, anywhere, even when you are offline. Just enter the unique "app code" printed on the back of your Photobook and your beautifully designed Canvera Photobook will be part of your mobile phone or tablet to view and share.
You can view our sample Photobook at and enter the PIN: 4469963341

OUR COFFEE TABLE BOOKS: Sleek, Stylish & Portable

Our Premium Coffee Table Books are created using silky finish photo paper to give your images smooth skin tones, rich colors, realistic contrast and great details. It comes with a UV coating which makes it durable and scratch proof.. a product to last for ages.
They are extremely portable which makes it easy for you to share it with your friends and colleagues.
So spend some time, discuss with your photographer to get the best possible album options available in the market. Believe me, they are your trusted advisers!
So what are you waiting for...Choose the BEST!