Shreya & Nimish | Hindu Wedding from Bhopal

March 20, 2017

"ring shot"Bhopal-Wedding-PhotographerMicro shot of the engagement rings Love - Finds its own Way!
London! Pune! Zurich! Bhopal!  

London! Pune! Zurich! Bhopal! This couple's love story has travelled quite a few places before taking the final turn.  From being miles away to meeting again and again, destiny and love has played an important role in bringing these 2 souls together forever. Shreya & Nimish belong to the same college (MICA) and workplace (Cognizant) but the real time conversation began after a late night party over a Maggi session in Pune. How cool is that! 
They dated for few months in 2013 and then Nimish left for Zurich for 4 months. They were completely on our own paths. But fortunately, that didn't work out and when Nimish came back, they got together. 
So, it was destiny and divine conspiracy that got them together as none of this was planned. 
Wedding-Lehenga-SherwaniA creative lehenga & sherwani shot hung on the tree Golden-heels-&-clutchWedding details Groom-getting-readyGroom pinning up his wedding sherwani Bride-getting-readyBride in Red lehenga BaraatBaraatThe groom's wedding procession Here comes the brideEntry of the bride Varmala-exchange Jaimala-ceremony Couple-shoot Candid-moment Tilak of the groom Kanyadaan Wedding-ceremony-Bhopal Sindoor daan Mangalsutra-ceremony Photo by: Rohan Mishra Photography ( Joota-chupai-ceremony

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