A North South wedding story from The Leela Palace, Chennai

November 13, 2018
"Wedding Leela Palace"North-South-Wedding-ChennaiA beautiful North Sount Cross culture wedding held at the royal location of The Leela Palace, Chennai

GAUTAM & SHIKHA - North↑ South↓ becomes =

The wedding of Gautam and Shikha has been unique in many ways. Right from the spirit of two souls coming together, the beauty of high rated emotions, the authenticity in following all the rituals to the lighting set up at the venue. Even though they both belonged to a completely different set of cultures their ‘LOVE’ was so ‘Pure’ and ‘Strong’ that it helped in establishing a new bond between the North and South cultured families.

The day started with the couple getting ready followed by a formal meetup with each family member. We were so happy to see the couple giving that extra time and attention to their elders during their short and sweet reception.

To conclude it has been a splendid affair to be a part of this wedding celebration!

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