A Gorgeous Malayali wedding at Hyatt Regency, Chennai

April 11, 2019
"Malayali wedding photographer in Chennai","Anaswara Kumar wedding"A-GORGEOUS-MALAYALI-WEDDING-HYATT-REGENCY-CHENNAI A small, sweet & beautiful Malayali wedding from Chennai


Malayali weddings are an absolute delight to shoot. They are precise, sweet & beautiful!

Their celebration started with a cocktail party held at Courtyard Marriott started with some lively performances by the close family members. We absolutely love the super innovative "Passing the parcel" game. The twist was to pass on an empty glass instead of a parcel and the person holding the glass when the music stops had to drink a shot of Glenfiddich single malt!

The cocktail celebration was followed by an authentic Malayali wedding the next day held at Hyatt Regency. We were totally mesmerized with the simplicity and beauty of this wedding... be it the decor or the wedding attire of the bride & groom. Anaswara was looking absolutely ravishing in her wedding attire. Being an actor herself in South Indian film industry,  Anaswara had a special eye for details and she made sure to make her big day a stunning one!

Just to give the background about our lovely couple, Anaswara and Aditya met on Bharat matrimony and soon realized that they had a lot in common and even their differences complemented each other. 
Without a doubt, they are one of our favorite couples of this year. Their chemistry in front of the camera was a visual treat. Without any further delay let's witness their wedding story.


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