A Street Style Couple Shoot in Mahabalipuram

January 03, 2020
"Street Style Couple Shoot"Street Style Couple Shoot Street Style Couple Shoot in Mahabalipuram!


Right after their wedding, Reza and Paula planned their post wedding shoot in a street style documentary approach showcasing the raw elements of the heritage location - Mahabalipuram aka Mamallapuram.

Before we started to the streets of Mahabalipuram, we were able to pull out some fun shots in Sheraton Grand Chennai Resort & Spa where the couple was staying.

They were all decked up in their wedding attire for this off-beat photo shoot. Their attire did work as a contrast element and helped them to standout in the busy streets.

Being all dressed up didn't stop this couple from exploring the streets of Mahabalipuram, even enjoying some streetside tea and coconut water along the way. 

We requested one of the shopkeepers there for his 1986 launched Bajaj M80 and we got some crazy fun shots with it including the panning one being our personal favourite.

What got us going was that the couple was not shy at all despite being photographed in a public space while the onlookers stared on!

The casual atmosphere highlighted their personality even further, and you can tell that they had plenty of fun.

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