The Vibrant Wedding of Shejal & Pratik at Taj Connemara, Chennai

May 06, 2021
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We got connected with Shejal & Pratik through Aman (Shejal’s brother) as we covered Aman’s wedding celebration a few months back. Aman & Pranchi’s wedding happened with limited guests during the peak lockdown in Chennai.

Coming back to the beautiful celebration of Shejal & Pratik. Shejal herself is a graphic designer and the moment we met her for the first time, we knew that she is a perfectionist and expect the same from us as well!

They chose the beautiful location of Taj Connemara, Chennai for their Haldi, Engagement, and wedding celebration with close attention to the color theme and the décor.

With just the close family and friends, capturing the wedding celebration of Shejal & Pratik was absolutely amazing. We as photographers, love colors, and their celebration had loads of it.

Part 1: Path & Haldi at home

The wedding celebration started with path and Haldi ceremony at the Home of Shejal accompanied by some traditional dance sequence.

Part 2: Haldi

Shejal & Pratik had their Haldi together and they thoroughly enjoyed their haldi as is evident by their grin in all the pictures.
It started with lots of dance on the Dhol with color bombs smoking all around.

Part 3: Engagement & Cocktail

The engagement night was a splendid celebration! Shejal, Pratik and their family/friends rocked the floor with lots of emotions flowing all around!

Part 4: Wedding

The wedding day started with an energetic and vibrant baraat. Shejal & Pratik’s family couldn’t contain their excitement & happiness. Their pictures say it all.

Shejal looked absolutely stunning in her pastel lehenga for her wedding day. 


Part 5: The Retro night

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