Every girl dreams of a perfect wedding as she wants to look her best since it would be her BIG day! Being wedding photographers we understand how important it is to choose the right professional Make-up Artist to nail ‘THE BRIDAL LOOK’. One has to select an artist who is approachable and understanding enough to meet the bride-to-be’s expectations.

It is always advisable to study the work of the artist one shortlist's before choosing the final one as they are the ones who have the ability to do wonders with your face.
The artist highlights the BEST IN THE BRIDE and we highlight the BEST OF THE BEST through our camera!

As one of the leading wedding photographers in Chennai, we understand the importance of "The Wedding Look" which every bride-to-be is looking forward to. And when the preparation for the same goes on for months, we thought of helping all you lovely girls with the top bridal makeup tips, to make sure you look flawless on your big day. Not to forget this is from the photographer’s point of view.


1.    Make sure you have your trial at least three weeks before your wedding in order to avoid any last-minute surprises.

Makeup tipstips to look good on your Wedding dayEssential makeup tips every bride should follow

2.    Use artificial eyelashes
They’re a brilliant way to make your eyes look dramatic.You can also use individual eyelashes – it will make your eyes stand out and look far more subtle than a full strip. Go for differing lengths to create a really natural fluttery look and nestle them in between your natural lashes rather than fixing them on top.

Artificial EyelashesArtificial EyelashesArtificial Eyelashes, a brilliant way to make your eyes look dramatic

3.    Ensure your Kajal doesn't smudge. Maybelline Colossal Kajal is worth considering. Try them beforehand and consider the one which works for you and stays for long.


4.    Choose more golden-tone bases and concealers - for better results in photography.

Bases and concealers Bases and concealers golden-tone bases and concealers - for better results.

5.    Apply lip-liner evenly all over the lips and under the lipstick to make it last longer. When lipstick fades, it will fade evenly without leaving the outer lip liner only.

ROHAN MISHRA PHOTOGRAPHY lip  linerlip linerlip liner for thin lips

6. 'Ahh' Heavy Earrings
One of the most painful experiences a bride goes through during the 'Getting Ready'session. Ensure you keep a moisturizing cream handy so that your heavy earring get in without causing much of a problem to you. Also, make sure you try those pair of earrings before purchasing it in order to avoid any last minute surprises.

Wedding EarringsWedding EarringsWedding Jewellery and Jewellery Sets for your Big Day!

7. Backup Plan
Jewelry is delicate. Smart Bride is the one who keeps a spare set ready for the D-day. After all messing up with the jewelry is the last thing you would like to do.

Bridal JewelleryBridal Jewellery indian bridal jewellery sets ROHAN MISHRA PHOTOGRAPHY Photo by: Rohan Mishra Photography ( 8. Mangalsutra/ Thali Chain - SIZE MATTERS!

Every wedding is different and in some cultures, they do not believe in having open Mangalsutra chain. Though it seems to be a very small thing and you must be wondering Does that really matter? Well yes!

You must have already given the size of your chain based upon your existing pieces of jewelry but have you ever thought that once you are all decked up and ready for your big day there can be issues around putting the mangalsutra chain? Yes, it happens mostly due to bigger and/ or higher hair buns which can be an obstruction in wearing a closed chain.

There are two solutions:
Either go for a longer chain or make sure that the hairstylist doesn't make the bun too high or broad. This is just to avoid any last minute discomfort. Photo by: Rohan Mishra Photography ( Don'ts:
9. Over-correct or over-camouflage under-eye circles. If the concealer is too light, it's the only thing you will see in the photos. 
10. Get carried away with shimmer highlights or light-refractive makeup. In photos, your shimmer can easily turn into an unflattering and highly reflective shine. 
11. Use a lip-liner much darker than your lipstick to define your lips. This technique looks harsh and very unnatural in pictures. 
12. Use heavy pencils or dark shadows to define your brows. This can leave you looking stern rather than stunning. 
13. Use Mascara at the time of Vidaai (in case the bride cries) as it makes the face completely off.
14. Off late we have noticed that many brides want to keep it simple for their Mehendi and Sangeet functions. The problem with this approach is that they end up looking very regular and not as a BRIDE at all which should not be the case.  Remember it's your wedding and you should make sure that you look less ordinary.
15. Do not go overboard with point 15. Just strike a balance. Remember how you dress up from head to toe will come in the pictures too. So LOOK THE BEST to GET THE BEST!

And the most important one…our bonus TIP: Always remember, weddings are more about the brides & your make-up plays an important role in giving you that ‘OOMPH FACTOR’ on your wedding day. So stay relaxed & keep ample buffer time to avoid any last-minute slip-ups.

Make full use of your photographer’s creativity to capture those beauty shots by providing at least 30-40 minutes of shooting time!
Last but not least… It’s your day! Make it memorable by enjoying each and every part of it :-)

C L I C K   H E R E   TO   R E S E R V E   Y O U R   W E D D I N G   D A T E !