We are Rohan and Puja, who tell the story of people in LOVE!

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Husband and wife.
Father & Mother

Met through a newspaper ad.
Fell in love.

Got married.
Fell in love with photography.

Quit corporate careers.
Now shoot wedding stories for a living and love it.

A Sneak Peek of Us in Action


In March 2019, Rohan was named one of the Nikon Creators across India.

So what is Nikon Creator program? 

This is to celebrate and highlight the work of outstanding professional imaging creators. Today, it consists of some of the finest photographers in India, each a master of their creative specialty. The Creator shares their photographic passions and technical expertise with eager audiences of photo professionals, hobbyists, and enthusiasts in a variety of personal appearances, seminars, and workshops across India. 

We firmly believe that it's important to share our knowledge & experience with the community and grow together!

Well, that's our beloved daughter - Always ready with a pose!

Our Vision
To touch people's lives with our CRAFT and win them over for life.

Our Mission
To make contemporary & off-beat wedding stories for the modern couple.

Our Style

During a typical wedding, you can expect your pictures to be a combination of the below styles:

Documentary Style Photography

Real, authentic moments that convey the story of your wedding day


Emotive & Fun-filled

Moments captured in a non-directional manner


Creating something extraordinary in an ordinary situation

Why Us?

  1. We are Client Obsessed: Some call them clients, and we call them friends. We succeed when our clients are happy. After all, they are the ones, who make it possible to make a living doing what we love.

  2. Professionalism: Nothing can beat trust which comes through strong word of mouth, be it personally or on social media. We are proud to achieve that at both levels. Delivering every project on time with consistent quality and addressing every concern of our clients makes us their favourites. Our professionalism has helped us stand apart from the rest of the players.

  3. Staying updated: We use the best brands, upgraded technology, and new tools/ techniques to bring out the best in you.

  4. Feel at Ease: No matter how camera shy you are, we know how to loosen you up to get those laughs and very natural-looking pictures.

  5. Memory Makers: We leave no stone unturned in capturing the most important moments of your wedding in an artistic manner and making memories for life.

  6. We Embrace Creativity: We believe creativity is heightened through thinking differently and embracing diversity. We continuously expand our creativity, not only in our photography and wedding films but also in our everyday approach to solving problems.

  7. Quality over quantity

Don't take our word for it. See what real clients have to say about their experience with us by clicking on the link below:


What we offer

Weddings - Full service including traditional coverage

  • Couple shoots (pre or post-wedding)

  • Wedding photography

  • Wedding films


  • Individual Portraits

  • Family portraits

  • Maternity shoots

  • Baby shoots


  • Custom prints & Canvas

  • Premium print albums


If you would like to know more about our approach in making your wedding a beautiful one, click on the link below:

R E S E R V E   Y O U R   W E D D I N G   D A T E !




'Winner' of Nikon Wedding Photography Contest (2016)
Honorable Mention for the Beautiful Landscape Photo Contest by 121clicks
Featured on "India's No.1 Photography Magazine"